How to remove ads in mx player 2023

How to remove ads in mx player? 

Block and remove all the irritating interstitial and pop-up Google Ads for MX Player App on Android Phone, Block Annoying Ads on MX Player, How to Remove Ads From MX Player Without Root, free download new version mx player pro apk, kaise stop kare Add to your MX player?


Friends, many people use mx player.

And you will also be troubled by the advertisement of mx player somewhere. right isn't it?

Many people must be wondering how to stop the advertisement of mx player. Or else you would keep searching for mx player somewhere without advertisement.

 If you are upset with the advertisement of MX player and somewhere you are looking for such MX Player which does not have advertisement. And you can get rid of all these advertisements.

But wait wait now you don't need to go anywhere else. Nor do you need to delete your MX player. Nor do you need to take mx player second.

You just follow these steps which I am telling you. And then you yourself see how advertisement gets tied up in your mx player.


How to block MX player's ADS (advertisement)?

Step 1 - Go to your mobile setting 

Step 2 - In the setting you have to go to the application

Something different is written in different mobiles. Like Apps, app setting, app manager, installed apps, application, then find all these according to your own setting. 

Step 3 - After going to the application, you have to find MX player or search and go inside it.

Step 4 - Restrict data usage. You have to click where it will be written.

Step 5 - There you will see the option of WiFi, Mobile data, there will be a tick mark, remove it i.e. uncheck it.

Step 6 - Make sure to clear the catch data of MX Player, that too you will get the same

And then click on ok.


Done done. Now you will not be able to see any advertisement in your mx player.

But wait, wait. If you are watching anything online in mx player movie or stories then you should not do this setting. This setting should be done by those who do not want to watch anything online on mx player, 


and if you still want to download Pro version of MX Player, then I have given the link below, you can download it from there, friends pro version It is such that even 1 advertisement will not come in your MX player, and this MX Player is available for money in the Play Store, but here I have given you its free link from where you have to download , before going to the link, read the same as If you click on this link then you have to check mark on I,M not Robert and then 

You have to click on continue , after that you have to wait 5 seconds , after that you will get the download link from where you can download 


Link-1-Download MX Player Pro


link-2-Download MX Player Pro


link-3-Download MX Player Pro friends, if you like this information, then please do comment and write about whatever problem you have in your mobile so that we can solve your problem. Thank you 

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