What is ShareChat Refer & Earn And ShareChat Ban related And Post remove

What is ShareChat  Refer & Earn And ShareChat Ban related And Post remove

You can earn money by referring your friends to download ShareChat through Refer & Earn. You can share the referral link by going to the 'Home' screen & click on the 'Rupee' icon then click on the share link.

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Note: You will get a reward only if the person referred is installing the app for the first time. 

Questions :- How to transfer Refer & Earn rewards ?to UPI or Bank account?

To transfer your rewards to your UPI or bank account. Please follow the below-mentioned steps:

1.Please open 'Refer & Earn' option.
2.Click on 'Transfer Money'.
3. Enter your UPI details or bank account details.
4. Type the amount & click receive amount.

Note: The transfer sometimes takes up to 45 minutes so we request you to be patient until it's completed

Even after referring my friends i didn't receive any rewards or lifafa

In the case of re-install and re-login, you won't get any rewards or lifafa, it should be a fresh install. Only if there is a fresh install, it will be considered as a legit install and you will receive rewards & lifafas corresponding to it. 

Note: Everyone gets lifafa but the lucky one wins it, it depends on your luck.😅😅 Click here to download

NEXT TOPIC :- Ban related / Post remove
Below are some of the common reasons why users get reported:

  • ‌Abusive
  • Spamming
  • Sexuallye
  • xplicit content

  • Hate speech

Inappropriate profile picture/Cover picture/Username/Handle/Status

Sharing personal information

  • Violence/ Blood

  • Using fake phone numbers

  • Offensive

  • Fake profile

If any account in your device is banned, then a ban will reflect in your other accounts as well.

To understand in detail please go through our Content & Community Guidelines:
Our sincere request to you to be a responsible user and help us create a healthy and safe platform for all users.

Note: If you believe the ban on your account was a wrong action taken from our end you can always appeal on it by following the below-mentioned steps:

1.Go to 'Profile'.

2‌. Click on the 3 dots present at the top right corner of the screen.

3‌. Click on the 'Violations' option.

‌4. Select appeal & write the reason for the appeal.

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