what is tooter app how to make account on tooter app

what is tooter app?  how to make account on tooter app ?

Hello friends, you are most welcome on our gkwithu website.  Today we will give complete information about what is  Tooter Application  .And how to make tooter Account

 Friends, Tooter is an Indian App.  For the last few days, it has remained a topic of discussion among the people.

People have different opinions about Tooter, some people are calling it a copy of Twitter and some people are calling it an Indian App.

 Like the koo app, Tooter is also an Indian made app in India.

 It is also known as swedashi App 2.0.

 This is being described as a huge success of Made In India.

 According to Playstore more than 50k+ people are using it, this number is increasing rapidly day by day.

 It has also got a rating of 4.5 on the playstore.  Children up to 12 + age can also use it.  This will mean that there will be very few dirty videos and double minig talk on it.

 If we talk about its look, then it looks like same to same Twitter.  It's also almost the same.

 The way we publish a post on Twitter, we call it Tweets.

 In the same way, the post we publish on tooter, where do they go to Toots.  You can also like comment on this.

 Let us now read in detail about what is Tooter App.

Q:- What is  Tooter  Application ?

  •  Tooter is an indigenous Social Media App made in India.  You can also share your Trending Topics, Images, Videos, News and Posts on this App.
  •  Just as we make proper use of hashtags and @ before publishing any post on Twitter  application and koo application.
  •  Similarly, we can also use Hashtags and @ on Tooter so that our talk can reach the right people.  And connect with the world.

 You can also call it India's Twitter or Indian Swadeshi App.

 How to install Tooter 

  1.  To install Totor on your smartphone, first you have to visit Playstore.
  2.  After that you have to search in Playstore Tooter, the official App of Tooter will come in front of you.
  3.  The logo of Tooter's official app is conch, through this you can recognize it.
  4.  Now you will see the install button here, click on it.
  5.  After some time your app will be installed.
  6.  You do not need to install the app on PC because on computer you can use Totor from the official website.

 Create Account On Tooter

  1.  App has to be opened on smartphone
  2.  Now the option of create account will be coming in front of you, click on it.
  3.  A new page will open in front of you, here you have to

 1) User Name

 2) Email Address

 3 ) Password

 4) Confirm Password

 Like all the details have to be filled.  As soon as you fill these details, Tooter will ask you for confirmation on your email id.

 Its Confirmation Mail  You will get their email in Spam.

  •  How to Create A profile on Tooter 

 Come on friends, now our account has been created on Toter.  Now we will learn how to make a profile on it.

 1) First of all you have to login to your Tooter Account through User ID and Password.

 2) Now you will come to the homepage of Tooter.  Here you will be seeing 3 Dots on the left hand side top, you have to click on these dots.

3) To set a profile picture, you will see the option of camera here, click on it and select your pic from your phone.

 Your DP will be taken.

 In the next option, you will be seeing the option of your Display Name and your Biography.

 By clicking here, you can write your name and biography.

  •  eg – name – Vishal
  •  Biography – I am a professional blogger

 In the next option, you can put Follower lock on your account, Lock means if someone wants to follow you, then their follow request will be pending, until you manually approve it.

 In the next option, you can fill the meta data of your profile.

 Tooter App Features –

  1.  Here you can share photo, video, poll and emoji.
  2.  Here, another feature is also available, through which you can also schedule your post.
  3.  You also get the option of Favorites in Tooter, through which you can save your favorite toots and watch them again in the near future.
  4.  Tooter is the application of which country and who is its founder.
  5.  Tutor is an Indian app, it originated in India.  It is also known as Swadeshi Andolan 2.0.
  6.  The name of its founder is nanda.

 How to earn money from Tooter -

 Friends, you can earn money from Tooter in many ways.  I will tell you some ways by which you will be able to earn more money.  This is new now, so all of you should take maximum advantage of it.

 You can earn money by doing affiliate marketing from Tooter, brand sponsorship and promoting products.  Which happens on other applications also.

 Apart from this, you can earn from the blog by sending traffic to your blog from Totar.  Many people do this.

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