How to get gift option in sharechat chatroom Pawnesh agency

 how to get gift option in sharechat chatroom By Pawnesh Agency

 Friends, like all of you people, new updates keep coming on sharechat application from time to time, 15-25 days ago we got to see sharechat update, in which first

 1. ShareChat Chat Rooms

 2. Sharechat Chatroom Gift Option

 Everyone goes barefoot in the sharechat chat room, but if anyone does not know about it, then by clicking on the post, you can take it by knowing the saree or you can also watch my video.

 Friends, as I am already ready to cast in your video.  To do this - click on the deal option, by following which you can bring the gift option in your profile.

 create your own chat room

 spend more time in saro's chatroom

 Sharechat application updated.

 Discuss these three on three.

 Create your own chat room :- Friends to make this your own Create your own chatroom This information is effective if the chat room is as follows..Copy and search on YouTube{ ShareChat Chatroom  More about chatroom gift option }


 Updated your ShareChatapplication :-    Friends .  Or after 10-15 days after clean the data of the application and then download after uninstall.

 Friends view from the expected position and the option of update in your chat room in the option of friends friend chat room option second also new camera with vom will be on.

 Gift Form Link Click

 Friends, if you have any kind of problem related to sharechat application, then comment in blogs.

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